Bioenergy healing

Bioenergotherapy is one of the world’s oldest methods of healing human body and mind using God’s energy. It involves stimulating the body’s immune system to self-healing and eliminating all ailments.

The essence of bioenergotherapy is proper diagnosis and elimination of energy disturbances in the human bioplasmic field through energy stream, called the aura.

According to confirmed theory, the human aura contains many layers. These layers are r

esponsible for the state of physical and emotional health and, consequently, mental health. All somatic and mental diseases are reflected and visible in the human aura.

The task of the bioenergotherapist is to locate these disorders and remove all energy blocks, which is tantamount to regaining the physical and mental health by the patient.

Bioenergotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment, but the energy support of a weakened organism. The use of biotherapy does not require interruption of any medical therapy.

Bioenergotherapist Czesław Karkowski diagnoses the body, detects energy disorders, cleanses the body, stabilizes chakras, meridians and the aura. As a result, it leads the body to self-healing and, consequently, to the elimination of ailments.

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