Eliminating Energy Vampires

Bionergytherapis Czesław Karkowski easily detects energy vamprism (drainage of life energy). If it is the case the exorcist informs the client about it. If the client wishes so, the healer cord cuts the energy vampire. Cutting cords and disconnecting from the energy vampires leads to full recovery and reclaiming client’s personal power.

Very often people experience having the life sucked out of them by spending time with a particular person. They will feel very drained or depleted of energy or have some inexplicable health problems. Such energy drainage is called energy vampirism. Any other therapy methods are not succesful until energy vampirism is eliminated.

Bioenergytherapist, clairvoyant, exorcist Czesław Karkowski sees clients at Natural Medicine Centre in Brodnica. People from all over Poland and abroad are appointed.

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