All the techniques helping to treat various psychological conditions and problems.

The aims:

– building trust between a patient and the therapist

-making the patient progress in self development

-awakening patient’s self-healing powers, making the patient understand his or her problems so finally they can change their lives

The main form of psychotherapy is talk. The talk makes the patient realise why the illness occurred. Once the mechanism leading to the illness is understood it can be changed. The illness is usually connected to patient’s subconscious feelings end emotions concerning important past and present situations.


Psychotherapy is not only likely to be effective with patients suffering from mental disorders but also for those in life crisis or not able to deal with relationships. It is also for people searching some deeper knowledge of their own behaviour so they can act more knowingly.


Therapist Czesław Karkowski strives to create warm and supportive environment to empower the patient to  look inside his or her personality and find the causes of conflicts. The therapist can unlock introvert patients and boost their self esteem. He helps to understand failure-causing problems in life and help the patient in his or her self development.

Czesław Karkowski also shows how to cope with life problems and be satisfied with life and build satisfying relationships with other people.

Psychotherapist Czesław Karkowski has been very successful with treating neurosis, anxiety, fear, depression and teenage and adult addictions.

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