Life counseling

As a clairvoyant Czesław Karkowski is able to give advice and help to solve personal and family problems or choose a partner (checking the compability and credibility).

He also provides clients with advice on the field of study, type of business, managing the company and strategic decision making or employees selection process.

Czesław Karkowski shows the clients how to overcome personal limitations and emotional blockage so that one can use all their potential and develop their talents. He inspires the client and gives his full support in the process of the client’s self development.

Beeing able to see the past and the future Czesław Karkowski has the ability to help the client to choose the right path in life and all the choises are made in accordance with the client’s life purpose and for the sake of the client.

Ask for some advice if you are about to make difficult and important decisions concerning your future.

Counselling is performed at the office or at any distance through a photograph.

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