Czesław Karkowski – biotherapist

Certified master of spiritual healing Czesław Karkowski belongs to a small group of world-class biotherapists who treat people with a cardiac pacemaker. He is named a „biotherapist of last hope” by his clients. He can help people who have almost completely lost hope for recovery after many unsuccessful attempts to treat them with various methods.

Czeslaw Karkowski can eliminate even the most complicated ailments.

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Featured methods:



Bioenergotherapy is one of the world’s oldest methods of healing human body and mind using God’s energy.


Czesław Karkowski is a therapist of both – ghosts and people, he helps one and the other.


Clairvoyance is a specific human ability to see things and events beyond the time, through matter and space.

Full healing methods:

Full healing methods:

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Since 2013, the new headquarters of the Natural Medicine Center is Gaj Grzmięca, Zbiczno, Brodnica county, Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship.

If you wish to book a healing session or consultation please call our office, open from Monday to Friday 1000 – 1800


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Bioenergy healing

Bioenergotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment, but the energy support of a weakened organism. The use of biotherapy does not require interruption of any medical therapy.

Distance Healing

That is the form of holistic treatment at a distance, based on a photo of a sick person. The effectiveness of this type of treatment is the same as during a personal visit to the office.

MA-URI massage

Bioenergotherapist Czesław Karkowski also performs therapeutic MA-URI massage. It is a type of healing system HUNA which is healing the body, soul and mind.


Clairvoyance is one of the paranormal abilities that makes it possible to perceive phenomena and objects in time and space without the participation of sensory perception.


It is very difficult to regain full health of our body, while being cursed or surrounded by negative energies. Therefore, in order for the body to be healthy, we must first heal our soul.

Paranormal investigator

Ghosts, spirits or other alleged phenomenons are responsible for certain events occurring in our every day life. There are good spirits, then there are the bad ones as well.
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Press articles

About Czesław Karkowski’s activity, were created a lot of newspaper articles, which confirms his abilities. These are both journalistic articles and letters from clients of therapies of our Natural Medicine Center. We invite you to read them in the appropriate page tab.

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