MA-URI massage

Bioenergotherapist Czesław Karkowski also performs therapeutic MA-URI massage. It is a Polynesian healing HUNA system. It is one of the oldest energy healing techniques to heal body, mind and soul.

MA-URI massage eliminates all psychophysical problems, unlocks physical and emotional blocks, eases the tension and stress, eliminates neurosis and low esteem problems, regulates blood circulation and boosts body metabolizm, releases back pain, sciatica pain, reumathism, arthritis, helps with internal organs problems, eliminates tumors, cysts, fibroids, improves joint flexibility.

MA-URI massage also boosts vitality, keeps skin firm, eliminates wrinkles and tiredness, slims the body.

It is a technique for all: adults, kids and pregnant women.

During the MA-URI therapy healing energy i s also sent. Thus, the health benefits are great.

MA-URI massage is fully described in the article in the ‘Uzdrawiacz” magazine (15th Feb 2000)

Bioenergytherapist, clairvoyant, exorcist Czesław Karkowski sees clients at Natural Medicine Centre in Brodnica. People from all over Poland and abroad are appointed.

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